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home solutions ICECAT AJAX Specs for osCommerce
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ICECAT AJAX Specs for osCommerce

110.00 EUR
ICECAT AJAX osCommerce integration package (version 2.2) allow you to use technical specs for your product from large ICEcat catalog ( and could retrieve data on different languages.

It also get images from ICEcat and automatically install into your product (if it's missing) and into additional images table (PWS images module) if it's exists.
Main features:

  • adding product description for all languages installed in store if they are available in ICECAT by one click
  • adding ICECAT categories with ability to link them to existing categories + auto search (suggestions).
  • adding lot of ICECAT products for few clicks (bulk upload).
  • ability to link ICECAT products to existing ones.
  • AJAX search for existing/ICECAT products
  • auto image uploading + uploading additional images
  • checking daily updates from ICECAT

How it works?

ICECAT AJAX module download header info about each ICECAT product into temporary table on database. Then you are able to insert those products into osCommerce catalog or search for equal products in your catalog and update description and/or insert ICECAT specs. You are also able to find ICECAT product in store product edit page to update specs/description/images.
As you can see in, there are lot of categories there and our module let you insert all them as new categories or link them to existing one. Manufacturers combined with existing in your catalog.

Let us show you how to install ICECAT AJAX addon into your store:

You can install/uninstall it (place needed data into database) clicking on button:

Then you have to save ICECAT username, password and access level in Admin->Configuration->ICEcat:

After installation you need to load languages,manufacturers and then categories. Just click on proper menu item:

Categories page will show you all the ICECAT categories and will suggest to link some of them to existing with the same name:


You'll also have ability to select existing category when click on 'apply to existing:'

On'Download daily products' and 'Download all products' there is ability to insert ICECAT products as new items or link them into existing ones by searching them:

Standard product edit page is changed. You can write VPN (vendor part name) by hand or search for needed ICECAT product:

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